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Eclectic, electric and completely synthetic.

"Hi welcome to my electro deep house/orchestral house pop music.  I‘m based in Newcastle upon Tyne and I've sung for years ,building my stage craft and vocals in covers and original bands and in the tough clubs of the north as a solo performer. I returned to solo original work in lock down and have already achieved well over 200.000 streams on Spotify and worked with a Brit and Ivor Novello winning producer and released a critically acclaimed album, and contributed to another one!

WOW! Crazy for a guy with massive confidence issues but thank you to everyone who helped me get so far and convince me I can do this including;  the hubster,  my family, Paul Murray Media Photography, Stephen Ferrell, Lee Allcock, Harbourmaster Simon Ellis, Exodus Designs, Decent Music PR and Conrad's LOTFA posse to name a few.

 I've organised musical events and performed for over a decade now and had  recent gigs labelled incredible , polished and vibrant. (See reviews page)

My sound is influenced heavily by RnB, house, dance and electronic artists from Freemasons, Beck Hill, Chase and Status and MNEK to Missy Elliott, Daft Punk, Fever Ray and Goldfrapp and amazing groups like Massive Attack. 

I hope by checking out the music and videos or clicking on my media link on the top right you can join me on my musical journey or at least dance like no one is watching.

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